Work Completion Agreement

7. The contractor shall obtain all permits necessary to carry out the work at his own expense. New construction order 1st Parties: this legally binding agreement concluded between the Buyer(s), ( hereinafter referred to as “Buyer”) and the Seller(s), “Seller”. the property is held in the name or names of the purchaser or licensees. , (hereinafter. Form 13 Certificate of Progress Full form as submitted by the Department of Christian Education Accreditation and certificates from the Sunday School Publishing House, National Baptist Convention, United States, including the form to: the Department of. 3. The Contractor may, in its sole discretion, engage subcontractors to perform work under this Agreement, provided that the Contractor pays in full for such Subcontractor and, in any event, remains responsible for the proper performance of this Agreement. 9.

In the event that the Owner does not pay any periodic or instalment payment due under this Agreement, the Contractor may cease work without violation until payment or resolution of disputes. 4. The Contractor shall give the Owner reasonable authorizations or waivers of lien for any work or material performed that will be made available at the time of the next regular payment. Under the Paper Reduction Act, 1995, an organization cannot collect or sponsor the collection of information, and an individual is not required to respond unless they post a valid omb control number; the omb control number which is valid for this purpose. 2. To the extent required by law, all work is carried out by persons duly authorized and legally authorized to carry out such work. Texas General Land Office – Disaster Recovery Certificate of Construction Completion for Force Account (Form 6-9a) (Revised: 7/16/12) Recipient: glo Contract Number: drs Grant No.: Part 1 Construction Completion Certification This must be certified that. A certificate of completion is used by contractors. This document is necessary to certify your project and determine responsibilities and commitments. These examples are of considerable importance for those who manage buildings in order to make all actions legal.

It is necessary to provide the main parts of the project and all the details, including the dates on which the work began, the end date on which the main work will be completed and the total cost to be paid or payable to the contractor. .