Withdrawal Agreement Act Transition Period

(2) Article 3, paragraphs 1 and 3, of Protocol 3 on the status of the European Court of Justice, applies in the United Kingdom to judges of the European Court of Justice and general counsel until the decisions of the European Court of Justice become final in all cases and in accordance with Articles 86 and 87 of the agreement and , subsequently, former judges and former attorneys general apply to any act they include, in their official capacity, including words spoken or written, before the end of the transition period or with respect to the procedure under sections 86 and 87. 1. Decisions taken by EU institutions, bodies and agencies before the end of the transitional period or in accordance with the procedures under Articles 92 and 93 after the end of the transitional period and addressed to the United Kingdom or to any individual or legal person residing or established in the United Kingdom are applicable in the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom. NOTE the benefits for the economic development of the area resulting from the free movement of persons within the meaning of EU law, which will continue to apply during the transitional period 1. The right of EU citizens and UK nationals and their respective family members to rely directly on this party is not affected if they change their status. B, for example between students, the self-employed and the non-salaried. Persons who, at the end of the transitional period, have a right of residence as family members of EU citizens or UK nationals cannot become persons within the meaning of Article 10, paragraph 1, points (a) to d). UK nationals and EU citizens, family members of the United Kingdom or EU citizens and family members who are not from these two countries retain the right to stay in the host Member State (Article 13). The host Member State must not restrict or prevent persons from obtaining, retaining or losing the right of residence (Article 13). Persons with valid documents [necessary clarification] will not need an entry and exit visa or identical formalities and would not be allowed to enter or enter the host state without complications (Article 14).

In the event that the host state “requires an entry visa for family members who join EU citizens or UK nationals after the end of the transitional period,” the host state is required to issue the visas required free of charge through an expedited procedure in appropriate institutions (Article 14). The agreement also covers the issuance of indeterminate residence permits during and after the transition period, as well as their restrictions. In addition, the rights of salaried and self-employed workers will be clarified and recognition and identification of professional qualifications will be made possible. Immediately after the announcement of a revised withdrawal agreement on October 17, 2019, Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the DUP said they could not support the new agreement. [30] 2. For the purposes of paragraph 1, holders of the intellectual property rights covered by Article 54, paragraph 1, and persons entitled to use a geographical indication, designation of origin, a guaranteed traditional specialty or a traditional name for wine covered by Article 54, paragraph 2, are not required to apply or implement a specific administrative procedure.