Wbenc User Agreement

If the subsidiary/subsidiary is a certified WBE, please attach a copy of the WBE certificate; Otherwise, only the contract for the rental and purchase of equipment (if any) Additional documents can be requested after initial verification. Forms W-2 and/or 1099 of any officer, director or owner who receives compensation from the Company for the last {mandatory} year. List of all employees, if Forms 941 or W3 are not available in the past year To expedite the efficient processing of your application, please read all of these instructions before starting the online application. Includes the company`s current and previous federal tax returns with all attached schedules and statements. Submit copies of the following documents that are currently active: · Articles of association of the company (if applicable in your state). Printing of the 1st page of the System Award Management (SAM) registration with the status “Active”. Link directly to www.sam.gov If the article does not exist or if your financial institution does not publish this information, please have a letter written to your financial institution on the letterhead indicating the name of the company, the type of accounts, the date of opening of the account, the eligibility to sign these accounts, as well as any provisions/restrictions regarding the signatory authority (p.B two signatures for amounts over $10,000). If you only submit state statements, the processing of your file will be delayed Partnerships, Companies and SAP will have to file one of the following documents: Minutes of the first board meeting {mandatory} TEMPORARY EXCEPTION: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, applicants who do not have access to a notary can file a signed and dated affidavit for applications submitted by January 31, 2021. .

Three years of federal tax returns, as filed with the IRS {mandatory} Specify the time period of the payment period on the document When personal tax returns are filed, personal tax returns must be filed by anyone who owns 10% or more of the business. GENERAL INFORMATION – The requirements are the same for all business structures. .