Usufructuary Agreement

Interest on the proceeds of the sale of the personal property and interest on public securities and bonds as well as the proceeds of the property under administration belong to the usufruit. In addition, if the owner prefers it, until the usufruit gives a guarantee or is excused, the owner may retain the property in his possession as a usufruitable as an administrator, subject to the obligation to provide it to the usufruit, after deducting the sums granted to him or which may be authorized by the courts for that administration. (494) The usufruit is entitled to the following – 1. Useful improvements2. Luxurious improvements. But one. It must not change the shape or substance of property held in domestic homes2. He is not entitled to a refund, but he can. Delete either improvements if no significant damage to the property is caused in the usufruit. Or account for damage improvements for which it may be responsible 1. It can alienate the right to usufruit2. He may mortgage or mortgage the right to usufruit, but he cannot mortgage or mortgage it himself because he does not own the art thing.

596. The payment of annual taxes and those that are considered a pawn on the fruit is the responsibility of the casting for the whole time that the usufruit lasts. (504) 1. Usufruct on the building and the earth, but the building is destroyed in some way before the end of the period of usufruit. The usufruit on the building is finished, but the usufruit in the countryside continues. Therefore, usufruit is always allowed to use the land and use all the materials of the houseremainc. Therefore, even if the naked owner wants to rebuild, but the usufruit refuses, it is the usufruit that prevails for the use of the country, is still his for the rest of the period2. Usufruct on the building alonea. The usufruit of the building ends, but the usufruit can still use all the materials on the restb house. The usufruit is also entitled to the use of the Landc.

But it is precisely because there was no usufruit in the countryside that the naked owner has a preferential right to its use. 588. After giving security, the usufruit is entitled to all the revenues and benefits of the day when, according to the title representing the usufruit, he began to receive them. (496) In previous cases, at the beginning of the usufruit, the usufruit is not required to reimburse the owner for the costs incurred; However, the owner is required to reimburse, at the end of the usufruit, the proceeds of the growing fruit, the ordinary growing costs, the seeds and other similar expenses incurred by the usufruit. Art. 569. Civil fruits are considered to be daily and are part of the usufruit compared to when usufruit can last. (474) Article 599. The usufruit can claim ripe credits that are part of the usufruit if it has given or gives good security. If he has been excused by security or has been able to give it, or if that is not enough, he needs the permission of the owner or the defaulting court to recover these credits.

The usufruit who gave security can use the capital he has raised in any way he deems appropriate. The usufruit, which did not give a guarantee, invests the capital in question by appointment with the owner at interest rates; If such an agreement is not present with the permission of a court; and, in all cases, with sufficient guarantees to preserve the integrity of capital in the usufruit. (507) In any event, the felling or felling of trees must be carried out in such a way that the preservation of the soil is not compromised.