Provisions Of The Nice Agreement Concerning International Classification Of Goods And Services

Class 36 primarily covers financial and monetary services as well as services provided under insurance contracts of all kinds. (d) Goods intended to be part of another product are normally classified in the same category as that commodity only when the same type of goods cannot normally be used for other purposes. In all other cases, the test in point (a) applies. Summary of the main provisions: the USPTO reviews, in Part 6 of Title 37 of the Code of Federal Regulations, revisions and amendments contained in the international classification of products and services for the purpose of trademark registration (11th edition, worm 2020) (Nice classification) and which come into force on 1 January. , 2020. O. National Technology Transfer and Advancement Act: The requirements of Section 12 (d) of the National Technology Transfer and Advancement Act of 1995 (15 U.S.C. 272 Note) are not applicable, as these regulations do not contain provisions involving the use of technical standards. The siege agreement with the country in which the organization has its statutory headquarters provides that, if working capital is not sufficient, that country grants advances. The amount of these advances and the conditions under which they are granted are the subject of separate agreements between that country and the organization.

The trademark offices of the nations that signed the Nice Agreement agree to use the classification codes designated in their official documents and publications. Information on goods or services in class positions is general information on the areas to which goods or services normally belong. The alphabetical list should therefore be consulted to determine the exact classification of each product or service. To review and approve the reports and activities of the Director-General of the Organization (hereafter referred to as the “Director-General” on the Special Union) and to give him all necessary instructions on matters within the competence of the Special Union; Class 44 Medical Services; Veterinary services hygiene and beauty care for people or animals Agriculture, horticulture and forestry, an alphabetical list of goods and services (hereafter referred to as the “alphabetical list”) indicating the class in which each product or service is covered. The amount of royalties and royalties for services provided by the International Office within the framework of the Special Union is set by the Director-General and communicated to the Assembly. (a) Services are, in principle, categorized according to the branches of activities listed in the service class headings and explanatory notes, or, if not specified, analogous to other comparable services on the alphabetical list. construction services; installation and repair services; Mining, oil and gas drilling.