New Zealand And China Free Trade Agreement

These improvements will mean that New Zealand will have preferential access to China for 99% of New Zealand`s $3 billion trade in wood and paper. Revised rules of origin for trans-Tasman trade came into effect on September 1, 2011. For more information on the rules of origin for ANCERTA and general instructions for using the agreement, see fact sheet 20 (PDF 268 KB). More information can also be found on the MFAT website. “That`s why we`ve started upgrade negotiations: to make sure our agreement is modern and our relationship deepens, and to ensure that New Zealand exporters have as good, if not better, activity than their competitors,” Parker said. The Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (P4) is an agreement between Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Singapore and NZ. The P4 agreement, which represents “Pacific 4,” came into force in 2006. Under P4, most tariffs on goods traded between Member States were immediately abolished, with the remaining tariffs expiring (until 2015 for Brunei Darussalam and 2017 for Chile). For most products, it is not necessary for products originating in NZ under this agreement to be accompanied by a certificate of origin issued by a certification body. The upgrade also ensures Beijing`s commitment to promoting environmental protection and ensuring that environmental standards are not used for trade protectionism, the statement continued.

NZ also has bilateral trade agreements with Malaysia, Australia and Thailand. Distributors should consider the agreement that is most beneficial to their imported/exported products. In early November 2019, New Zealand and China agreed to strengthen their free trade agreement. The new provisions included facilitating exports to China, improving China`s commitment to environmental standards, and New Zealand`s preferential access to timber and paper trade with China. In exchange, New Zealand will relax visa restrictions for Chinese travel guides and Chinese language teachers. [17] The Economic Partnership Agreement (New Zealand-Hong Kong, China) was signed on 29 March 2010 in Hong Kong and came into force on 1 January 2011.