Calvary Network Agreement

Founded in 1979 by our founders, the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary, Calvary Public Hospital Bruce is part of the ACT Health Services Network and is funded by the ACT government under the Calvary Network Agreement. It is therefore not surprising that the two main recommendations of the audit report are that the government “examine the fundamental question of whether or not the network agreement is the most appropriate mechanism for the provision of public hospital services [in North Canberra]”, and that the agreement be negotiated and amended to address weaknesses. Calvary Public Hospital Address Haydon Drive, Bruce, Australian Capital Territory, Australia As part of a commission of inquiry, witnesses would be protected under privilege and could testify at private hearings. “The ACT government will now carefully consider the report`s recommendations in order to formally respond to the results achieved. The non-profit organization responsible for Calvary Hospital did not return calls. Dr..