Bai Tap Tieng Anh Ve Subject Verb Agreement

Today, offers you an extremely important grammar point which is the harmony between terms, between subject and dynamics. In addition to the basic theory, today`s article will focus primarily on the exercise of harmony between the two, Ms. Mai Phuong has the answer for you to practice better and see the article below. Today`s article is over, if you can read all the theories and do all the exercises that has provided, I`m sure you have a firm understanding of the grammar of harmony of terms, themes and words already. But note that it is also advisable to check regularly to avoid forgetting. I wish you all a good lesson! V. In each of the following sentences, put the verb in parentheses in the right shape: Each girl dances nicely. Rule 6: For subjects that are only 100 percent, percent, majority, some, all, none – we rely on the postal proverb No. 6 to determine how to make the right ex: 50 percent of the cakes have disappeared A third of the city is unemployed A third of people are unemployed. Rule 7: The phrase “number” is followed by the adage and the phrase “a number,” followed by the multiple ex dynamic: The number of people we have to hire is thirteen A number of people have written on this subject. Rule 8: If “either” and “or” are the theme, they will always sing few ex words:None of them is now available to talk None of us is able to do the job.

Rule 9: With singing verbs with the phrase “money and time ex: ten dollars is one too high to pay five years” is the maximum penalty for this offence II Providing the right times and form of verbs in brackets: 26. The proportions of poisoning…………. subject to this. . – All candidates promise to improve the education system. The harmony between the subject agreement and the verb is an important topic and often appears in TOEIC audit documents.