Author Agreement Form Aeu Journal

Checklist for filing The following list is useful for the final verification of an article before it is sent to the magazine for verification. Please see this guide for authors for more details on each article. Make sure the following are present: An author has been designated as the corresponding author with contact details: • Email address • Full postal address All necessary files have been uploaded (including the signed author agreement) and contain: • Keywords • All tables (including title, description, footnotes) Other reflections • Manuscript has been “spell checked” and “grammatic” • References s ind in the appropriate format for this journal • All references mentioned in the reference list are cited in the text and vice versa • Permission to use copyrighted material from other sources (including the Internet) Printed version of images (if any) in colour or black and white • Clearly indicate whether or not colour or black and white is required in printing. For more information, please visit our customer support website at Formatting The manuscript for verification must be formatted according to the following rules – 12pt font size, – 1″ edges, – one column, – double distance. Your preferred document processor can be used for transmission. Please export your manuscript in PDF format. Separate graphics, high-resolution images, etc. are not required for the verification process. Please do not hook them to reduce the total file size.

Finally, accepted documents must be formatted in LaTeX. To do this, a Style file will be made available later. Citation in the text Please ensure that each reference cited in the text is also present in the reference list (and vice versa). All references cited in the abstract must be provided in their entirety. Unpublished results and personal communications are not recommended in the reference list, but may be mentioned in the text. If these references are included in the reference list, they must follow the standard reference style of the journal and include a replacement of the publication date with “Unpublished results” or “Personal communication”. Citing a reference as “in print” implies that the article has been accepted for publication. Below are a number of ways to link the data to your article or make a statement about the availability of your data when you submit your manuscript. If you disclose data in any of these ways, you should cite data from your manuscript and reference list.

For more information on data citation, please see the “References” section. For more information on the deposit, sharing and use of research data and other relevant research materials, please visit the Research Data page. Reference Style Text: Specify references by number(s) in square brackets in The line with text. It is possible to refer to the authors themselves, but the reference number(s) must always be indicated. List: Number the references (numbers in square brackets) in the list in the order they appear in the text. Examples: reference to a magazine publication: [1] Van der Geer J, Jaj de Hanraad, Lupton RA. The art of writing a scientific article. J Sci Commun 2010;163:51-9.

Reference to a magazine publication with an article number: [2] Van der Geer J, Jaj de Hanraad, Lupton RA. The art of writing a scientific article. Heliyon. 2018;19:e00205. to a book: [3] Strunk Jr W, White EB. . . .